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Smart Water Grid is a new driving force paving the way for the future water industry, which integrates the knowledges of ICT into water resources management to render synergetic effectiveness by converging them.
The 3rd International Conference of Smart Water Grid (SWGIC 2018) will be held in Incheon National University, located near Incheon International Airport in Korea (about 30 minutes of distance by bus).
The SWGIC will provide a leading edge platform for researchers, scholars, engineers and students alike to share their state-of-the-art research and development on global water issues, new ideas and breakthroughs in all areas of smart water grid, and related environmental issues such as climate change and water security.
Invited speeches, technical and special sessions organised in the conference are under four themes aiming to provide preliminary conference and consensus networks for searching global direction of strategic and technical initiatives and solutions for smart water management.
We hope you will be able to join us in Incheon, Korea, and we look forward to receiving your contributions. The submission deadline of abstract is 5st October 2018. Topics for technical sessions include, but are not limited to, the followings:
Conference Themes
  Part 1 : Collaboration between Water and Information Technologies
Part 2 : Future Water Industry
Part 3 : Smart Design and Operation
Topics of interest
  ○ Water-Related Information Software Developments
○ Innovation in Real-Time Communication Technologies
○ Advances in SCADA and Real-Time Data Acquisition
○ Developments in Database Management and Model Interoperability
○ Collaboration between IT Technologies and Water Related Technologies
○ International Trend and Future Directions in the Water Industry and Water Management Policy
○ Climate Change Impacts in the Water Industry
○ Education and E-Learning for the Future of Hydroinformatics
○ Innovative and Advanced Developments in Water and Wastewater Management
○ Collaboration between Advance Technology and Infrastructure
○ Water Blending and Optimal Water Distribution
○ Advances in Hydroinformatics : Numerical and Physical Modelling
○ Real-Time Control and Decision Support Systems
○ Early Warning Systems and Disaster Mitigation
○ Remote Sensing, Digital and Sensor Technology
○ SWG Process Optimization and Standardization
○ SWG-ICT Applications and Developments
○ Technology Development of Demand Forecasting and Billing System
○ Innovative Smart Water Grid Applications
○ International Comparative Case Studies for Advanced Water Management Practices
○ PPP in Smart Water Design and Operations
  ※ Selected best papers and posters will be awarded.